Black Clouds Descend

by sherrinak

The issue of depression is something that is so misunderstood. Mental wellness and health issues have been demonised and stigmatised in such a way that to admit to having some form of disorder or illness is to brand one’s self a leper.

The Australian government recently issued statistics showing that more of Australia’s (male) youth are dying by suicide than via car accidents ( How can this happen? How can this be? A country that has so much sunshine, theoretically a supportive social welfare and non-discriminatory health system has a higher suicide than road death toll? Where has this new, mentally unwell Australia come from?

If we knew the answers we could save a lot of family and friends a lot of heartache. If those answers were easy to discover perhaps the extreme distress these victims endure and buckle beneath would be enough to ensure ongoing healthy support. There are so many misconceptions about what mental illnesses and disorders are that it is nigh on impossible for someone weakened by them to seek healthful support and recover.