16 Nonfiction Forms And How To Write Them

by sherrinak

Um, this is a bit scary!

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16 Nonfiction Forms And How To Write Them

Nonfiction describes communicative work (typically written, but also including diagrams and photos) understood to be fact. Implicit in this however are the varying degrees to which the writer’s subjective interpretation of facts, and/or selective presentation (i.e. withholding, distorting) of facts end up making a “factual” work less true.

Given this, an interesting way to delineate nonfiction forms is to look at them in terms of how accurately they reflect the writer’s experience, beliefs, and emotions in real life (IRL).

The above diagram is intended to be a kind of visual take on how this applies to typical forms of nonfiction. Below are notes and further explanations on different forms listed alphabetically.

Advice Columns

Advice columns range in truthfulness from extremely close to fact (such as most sex writing, which we’ll get to later) to the kinds of financial, lifestyle, parenting, gaming, social media, and other advice articles and blogs…

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