Whoa – Where Did The Time Go?

It seems like yesterday that I was cringing at the thought of writing a blog. Let alone that it was part of my final assessment for my undergrad BA.

Well, it’s eight months on from that freak out, and things have changed a bit. I’m hiding from the heat of a blistering Christmas Eve, wishing that the kids would stop nagging me and that I could work up the courage to go for a run. Yeah, nope.

Since then, I’ve graduated uni, buried a dear friend, conquered the shenanigans of high school bullies from 25 years ago, and realised that I’m not such a bad chick after all. Oh, and had the right mastectomy completed! Well, from here on out, things are going to be better. I’m going to be healthier and thinner and more dedicated to life. TTFN, gotta get back into it.