Bio: I am not 40. This is important, because I am graduating a BA in Children's Literature and (a minor in) History. It has taken 22 years to get to this point, and along the way I have managed to collect a husband, two daughters and a Rav4 named Trav. Life is precious, I bashed (breast) cancer out of my life (yay! homicidal body no more) and have nearly lost my daughters many times (silly sick babies). I am crippled by depression, fibromyalgia and a defective pancreas (yay diabetes, not). I love rainbows, shiny things, sparkly things, things that go ka-BOOM, awesome music, funny people, beautiful things that make people smile. I don't like noise (despite the whole ka-BOOM love). I love my pets - all furry and feathered one of them. My favourite books range from the Very Hungry Caterpillar; The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe; The Velvet Room; The Pirates Mixed-Up Voyage, Terry Pratchett's novels, The BFG, Artemis Fowl (best fart joke e-ver), Shawn Chesser's zombie novels, Emma, Much Ado About Nothing, the Iliad... I could list forever! I love to dream, and love to find new and interesting things. I yearn for a boring life, but keep finding mine is unintentionally exciting. I figure, we get time to sleep when we are dead - and there is simply not enough time to do everything I want to between now and then. But I got my passport, so that is gonna be handy.

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